Do you have the Right Adviser?

  • The Banker works for the Bank.
  • The Agent works for the Insurer.
  • The Salesman works for Commission.
  • The Client Owned Adviser® works for the Client.

Holistic, Independent & Bespoke Adviser
who is Truly Your Own

Client Owned Adviser® also known as COAdviser™

  • Client Owned Adviser® is a registered trademark in Singapore.
  • Only approved advisers can be licensed to use our brand.

Only The Best

Highest Quality & Stringent Selection

A COAdviser™ must fulfil ALL 7 of the following Criteria:


Must be an Independent Adviser. Cannot be an exclusive agent of a single insurer or a salaried employee of a bank. The financial institute owned by any product manufacturer (eg. insurer) must be less than 50%.

Why? Isn’t it obvious? In fact, some product manufacturers form separate companies to "push" their products by incentivising "independent" advisers.


Has Direct Access to multiple product & service providers.

Why? This is absolutely necessary for competitive analysis to get the best deal.


Registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Why? No cowboys allowed here.


Holds a Professional Qualification like CFP, ChFC or IBF Advanced.

Why? Anything less would be a compromise on the quality of advice.


Has at least 5 Years’ of Practical Experience advising clients in holistic wealth management covering cash management, insurance, investment, real estate, retirement advice, etc.

Why? You won’t want a houseman as your surgeon.


Offers Fee-based Advice & cannot have a commission-only model.

Why? This is to avoid commission bias as well as to segregate the planning and implementation stages for a client-first process.


Provides an ongoing client advice on Retainer Service.

Why? A client-first adviser should provide a good follow up service. Growing wealth is like nurturing a child. It is a continuous process.

The Salesperson Vs. The Professional

"It all boils down to 2 Different Models and Philosophies:
the Salesperson versus the Professional."

— Genevieve Cua, Personal Finance Editor

Salesperson Professional


of 20,000+


of 20,000+

Company Owned

Loyalty to Company through Volume of Products sold

Client Owned

Loyalty to Clients through Quality Advice

Commission &/or Salary

Paid by Bank, Insurer or Financial firm

Commission or/& Fee

On Clients' Payroll

Sales Quota

Performance Benchmark

Acquire Clients

Value through Economy of Scale

Product Centric

Product & Presentation to fit plan

Advice Centric

Understand, Analyse then Plan


Concept or Modular


Detailed & Tailored

Single Supplier

Represents Only One bank or insurer

Multiple Suppliers

Access to Many Financial Institutes


Limited Services

Open Platform



Comfort, Friendly, Relationship


Knowledge, Skills & Strategies

Decision through Emotion

Greed, Fear, Psychology, Wants, etc.

Decision through Logic

Recommendation by Industry Standards


Trust, assumption, etc.


Power through Education

Minimum Qualifications

Company Awards & Designations

Professional Designations

Industry Certifications (CFP® or ChFC®)

Subsequent Review

New Product Purchases or None

Yearly Review

Holistic Wealth Management